When applicants copy and paste from other programs into the system, formatting rules may be embedded into the characters. The system can read these characters correctly online, so they will appear normal when viewing in the system. 

When running a report, these formatting rules do not persist in the downloaded file, and the characters are replaced with special/strange characters (such as @ and #). When viewing in Excel or other programs, it may be difficult to figure out what these characters mean.

If a downloaded copy is required you can fix the text by:
  • Using Find and Replace in the report.  In a program of your choice, swap the characters out with the correct format.
  • Copying and pasting the applicant's answer into a Plain Text to a program such as Word, and then pasting the text only. Admins can then become the applicant and paste in the new text. Note: New answers cannot be input after the End Date of an application has passed; furthermore, applications on automatch opportunities will not reflect new answers updated on the General Application or Conditional Applications if the Internal End Date of the automatch opportunity is in the past.