This process assumes that you have already created your query in Altru to exclude constituents in your Marketing Campaign. Please see our knowledgebase article How to create an exclusion query for the Altru Luminate Online connector for information on what fields are required for the connector
  • Open the Altru Luminate program by clicking the icon from the desktop of the workstation or server where the application is installed
  • In the Altru Credentials section copy and paste the Odata link from Altru into the Site URL field. 
  • Enter the User Name and Password that has access to the Odata query. The user name entered here must have access to the queries between created for the exclusions.
  • In the LO Credentials enter your FTP address for Luminate Online in the Site URL field
  • Enter the User Name and Password for your Luminate Online FTP
  • Click the Validate button and ensure all credentials validate successfully
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  • Click Next
  • On the Process Tab copy your exclusion Odata URL into the URL field
  • Name the File that will be generated in LO FTP folder in the Final Name field
  • Provide a Group Name for the file that will be added to the file for the LO import process
  • Check Enable and add the time to run the process and click Schedule.
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  • If you need to schedule more than one exclusion you can click the + icon which will create another line 
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