There may be times when a family needs two accounts for one student or the family will be split having a different student on each account. You can link these accounts so you can quickly and easily move from one account to the other.
Note: Linking accounts will not give the rights to account information, unless the parent name is on both accounts as a primary or secondary contact. Parents will not have access to both accounts on the parent website. Separate logins will be required.
  1. Login to
  2. Click on the applicable school year
  3. Locate the Smart Family ID# for both accounts (jot them down)
  4. Go to one of the accounts 
  5. Hover over the blue box on the left and select More Options
  6. Select Update Family & Student Info
  7. Click on No under Split Family then click the Link buttonedit
  8. Enter the Smart Family ID to the other account, then click Linklink
  9. Click Save Changes when brought back to the Edit Parent Information pagesave
  10. The Link button will now be available on both accountsbutton

If you are linking two accounts for one student, you may click on the Mark As Duplicate button under the student's information,so that only one record would be reported on your enrollment count reports. This will not affect any billing reports. Both accounts will be displayed.

To un-link the accounts, follow steps #1 thru #7 and click on the Yes button and it will change to NO.  Save your changes.