To access a user's history and email logs, go to the user's account and click the History button and the Email Logs button, respectively.

When an email is triggered in the system, whether it gets delivered right away or not, the system will create the message and save it for potential future use.  This can be seen in the History as an entry in the format of, "Message XXX was created on XXX by XXX."  

(For example, in case it needs to be approved by an Administrator when the message template is set to Upon Approval.) After the email is sent it, it is no longer needed. However, as nothing is deleted, an entry is retained in the User History for historical purposes. 

Will I still see the text of the email in the User's Email Log?
If the email was successfully sent, the email will show in the Email Log. The History will contain the corresponding entry indicating the message was destroyed by the system user.

Why don't I see the text of the email in the User's Email Log?
There are several reasons why an email will not appear in the Email Log, and still have a corresponding entry in the History indicating the message was destroyed, and by whom (the system user, an admin, or another user).
  • An Administrator deleted the email from the User Messages queue rather than sending it.
  • A reference logged into their portal prior to receiving a reference request and started the reference, negating the need for the email to be sent. 
  • The triggering event for the email was cancelled, for example an applicant was moved out of an encumbering category.