Donor Central Uploading Failing with Error Failure The Underlying Connection was Closed for Donor Central v2 and v4 on Premise FIMS Customers

When doing a manual DC upload from within FIMS or when the scheduled DC task runs and you are reviewing the logs in \npo\found\eAdvisor\FTP\DC_Transfer_date.log to see why data is not synching, the following errors are seen for those self-hosted customers using DC v2 and v4. This issue does not occur for those customers on DC NXT or those who are on HostNet:

\npo\found\eAdvisor\history\ct_coding_type.txt (Compressed -100%).....FAILURE (The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.), ..FAILURE (The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.), ..FAILURE (The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.), Unhandled Exception: System.Exception: File: ct_coding_type.txt failed to upload.  at DC_Transfer.DC_Transfer.Main()


"An error occurred while receiving the HTTP Response to

This occurs for self-hosted customers and so far has been identified on Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

This is due to TLS 1.0 being deprecated on the Donor Central servers. To resolve do the following:

1. Make sure your FIMS version is on 14.61, if not you will need to upgrade.

2. Use the attached file to import the registry entries needed for TLS compliance on the FIMS database server, all terminal\remote desktop servers, Citrix servers and any workstations affected; any computer or server that sends data to DonorCentral. The file contains all of the registry changes needed, all you have to do is import it:
  • It is recommended that only a qualified IT person implement this fix and that you back up the registry before proceeding. To back up the registry, do the following:
  • To import registry keys, do the following. Again, this must be done on the database server and additionally any other computers that interact with DonorCentral:
Go to Start and type in Regedit
You will see an executable called Regedit.exe, click and open that
Click File\Import
Select the Text file from this article that you have saved to the desktop of the machine. You will need to change the file type in the drop down to All Files to be able to find it.
Click Open
You will see a message saying that the values were imported
RESTART the machine immediately. If you do not restart the machine, the issue will not be resolved.

3. If you have done the registry fix above, re-started the server and the issue still persists what is occurring is that you do not have the newest 'MicroEdge.DonorCentral.DataTransfer.exe' file or associated DLLs in npo\found\eAdvisor\FTP. To resolve that, do the following below and then test the DonorCentral upload issue again, the error should go away and the upload should be successful:
  1. In FIMS go to "FIMS | Tools | System Utilities | DonorCentral | Setup DC Upload"
  2. Click "Save". Clicking Save in the Setup DC Upload Window triggers the automatically install of the latest 'MicroEdge.DonorCentral.DataTransfer.exe' and the needed DLLs in npo\found\eAdvisor\FTP.
The four highlighted files below are the ones in question that control the DonorCentral sync. the 'MicroEdge.DonorCentral.DataTransfer.exe' file should have a date of at least 3/12/2018 or after. The DLLs should have recent dates as well. Again, you do not have to manually install these, doing steps 1 and 2 above will automatically update these files for you. Be sure to run the scheduled DC sync task again and ensure there are now no errors.

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If you receive an error while clicking Save in the Setup DC Upload window, see the following:





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