Error: “marksuggestionasprocessed” was not found (293) when processing grant adjustments for grants that came from DonorCentral

When attempting to commit changes on grant adjustments, users may receive the following error “marksuggestionasprocesed” was not found (293)
This was resolved in FIMS version 14.62 released in August 2018. The patch fix prevented this issue from occurring again going forward but did not address the data issue with grants who had the issue prior to the patch.

To fix the data, you can run a data fix that can be used for any customer to fix the grants that have the issue.

Please see the attached files and follow the instructions below:

1. Copy live to test if not already done
2. Save both of the attached files in the custom folder; npo\found\FIMS\custom
3. Log into the Test database (you will need to test this in Demo first)
4. Go to Tools | System Utilities | Run Procedure, browse to find and select the saved .p program. Disable the gui. Then click OK.

5. The following message will be displayed:

6. After Selecting OK you will get the following message if any grants were found, in this database there were two. Otherwise you will get a message saying none were found. Click Yes here to correct grants found:

7. At this point there will be a report generated (see step 5 for where that report is located) that you can find and check to see if the grants mentioned fit the scenario. If not do not proceed and try to fix. If report looks good, select yes to fix. The following will be displayed. Click OK.

8. The summary tables should be rebuilt for the years involved for grants. When that is done you can check grantees and funds to verify the cancellation entries are there.
  • Go to Tools > System Utilities > Admin Utilities > Rebuild Summary Tables by Year.

    Here, you will choose your fiscal year range and module.

9. If everything checks out the process can be repeated in the Live database.

MarkSuggested Files

Steps to Duplicate

1. Enter grant adjustments
2. Click "Commit Changes"
3. Error pops up saying that “marksuggestionasprocesed” was not found (293)
4. Click "okay"
5. No grant adjustments are committed 



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