Images in email are blurry

When sending test emails or email jobs using drafts/jobs created on or before 7/16/2018, users may notice that images in the sent emails are blurry. If the user navigates to the Create your content tab in Marketing>Email, the images are not blurry.
This behavior is caused by changes to the HTML to address outstanding mobile responsiveness defects. This behavior will occur for email drafts/jobs that meet the following criteria: 
  1. Email drafts created on or before 7/16/2018
  2. Email jobs that were created on or before 7/16/2018 and were sent after 7/17/2018
  3. Email drafts/jobs that were copied from email drafts/jobs created on/before 7/16/2018
Users can resolve this behavior by performing the following steps prior to sending their email jobs that meet the above criteria:
  1. Open the email draft
  2. Click the Create your content tab
  3. Click Edit on the image widget in the email content
  4. Click Apply
  5. Repeat Step 3 for any additional images in the email draft
  6. Click Save and Close

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to Marketing>Email
  2. Under Draft emails , click Edit next to any email draft with an image that was created on or before 7/16/2018
  3. Click the Create your content tab
  4. Notice the image is not blurry
  5. Click the Finalize your email tab
  6. Type an email address in the Send a test email field
  7. Click Send test
  8. Notice the image in the email is blurry

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