To view the Manage SSO option in your Blackbaud ID profile, you must be an Organization (Site) Admin within Blackbaud’s internal system. I you are not an Admin, you will first need to be invited by an Organization Admin.  If you feel you are an Admin, and are flagged incorrectly by Blackbaud, please take the following steps:
If there are multiple Admins within your Organization, have them log in and check to see if you are correctly marked as an Admin. If you are not, have them edit your Account to be an Admin.

To Add a user as an Organization Admin complete the steps below:
1. Have an Admin log into their Blackbaud ID Profile
2. Select Manage single sign-on
3. Select Invite another admin to configure
4. Under User, select the ellipses next to the desired Users name
5. Select Make Admin 
6. The user will get an email to confirm their Blackbaud ID as an organization admin.

Note: If no one at your organization is an admin refer to I need to become a site administrator . Once completed contact us.