At this time, it is not yet possible to message the parents automatically, or from within the system, from any type of attendance interface.
However, it is still possible to quickly get a list of parent emails for users that have a recorded attendance type for today.

This can be done using the sky list located under Academics> Attendance> Students List:
  1. Click 'Choose Columns'
  2. Uncheck 'Home Address' and 'Email'
  3. Check 'Absences (by day)','Parents', and 'Parents' Email'
  4. Click 'Apply Changes'
  5. Click 'Filters'
  6. Click the 'Timeframe' black header in the Filter window
  7. Select 'Today' from the resulting dropdown
  8. Click the 'Attendance' black header in the Filter window
  9. From the 2nd dropdown (header: Include students with absence count (by day)), select 'Greater than or equal to'
  10. Enter '1' in the new box just below this
  11. Further down, click '+ Select attendance category'
  12. Check 'Absent Unexcused'
  13. Click 'Select'
  14. At the bottom of the Filter window, click 'Apply filters'
  15. Click 'Save' near the top left, enter a name, and click 'save' in the dialogue
This list can now be recalled any time later by navigating to Academics> Attendance> Students List> Open. It can also be exported to excel, where you can then use the list of parent emails as needed.