When the Connect RE integration is enabled, users will find all available records are automatically available for review and processing in the Matching section. The Matching section is a temporary processing window where users will match and process all available records from Core into the Raiser's Edge. Any new roles are records identified after the integration is enabled will automatically process into the Key Metrics section.

The Key metrics section is your primary work section. Once all matches have been processed out of the Matching section, this window will disappear and users will work in Key metrics. The Key metrics section enables users to process all updates at once. Users should ensure that any duplicate records are matched before clicking the Process now button. A duplicate caution icon and pop up message will warn users if duplicates are still unmatched before processing to prevent duplicate data from processing into RE.

At this time single processing and matching is not an option in Key metrics. This is to ensure records in Raiser's Edge that share information (i.e., address, phone, relationship) are processed together and do not break any shared links during an update.