This behavior can occur due to potential issue with a proxy server or network cache affecting the performance of the Document Template Manager. What the Document Template Manager does to confirm that it is on the correct version is, upon having been installed and logged into, that it will make a call to our server to confirm that the timestamp in your environment matches the timestamp on our server. If the timestamps match, the Document Template Manager will allow for successful login. What some clients have experienced is that the proxy server stores a cached version of the Document Template Manager, which delivers an outdated timestamp, which in turn causes the program to become caught in a loop where it asks users to update it. Clearing the proxy cache or network cache can correct this issue.

In some cases, a proxy server may wish to insert a SSL certificate code before it allows the Document Template Manager to install. The certificate code can cause a loop to occur wherein your SSL certificate will hit our server, cause a reset and reject the certificate. We advise asking your networking team to update the proxy server to add our URL to the SSL whitelist site and allow the installation of the Document Template Manager - in other words, trusting our certificate - so that it will end the loop and allow for a successful installation.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a client in the UK/EU and you receive a prompt to update Document Template Manager despite being on the latest version, simply close the Document Template Manager and reopen - this action should correct the issue and allow you to log in. At present, our Development team is continuing to investigate the reason for this behavior specific to our UK/EU clients.