Here's how you can query to pull all accounts that are in a certain type of relationship (ex: Employer/Employee):

1. Click Queries
2. Click Manage Queries
3. Select a Category - (ex: Base)
4. Click New Query
5. Enter a descriptive name for this Query - (ex: All constituents that have a Employer/Employee relationship established)
6. For the Starting Query, select Query Category: Base and Query: All Constituents-A
7. For Results, select Related Accounts as the Data Return Type
8. If you kept the Relationship Info dropdown set to (None Selected), then this query would return all constituents that are in a relationship of any kind (Spouse/Spouse, Sibling/Sibling, Parent/Teacher, etc.)... However, for this example, we only want to include constituents who are in a specific type of relationship (i.e., Employer/Employee)... Therefore, for this instance, we would select "Employer/Employee" from the Relationship Info dropdown list
9. If you keep the next dropdown set to "Any," this query will return all constituents in this type of relationship (regardless of whether they are positioned as the Employer or the Employee)... You would only select one of the other options is you only wanted to see one side of this relationship in your query results (so for example, if you only wanted to see Employers in the results, then you'd select "Employer" instead of Any)
10. Click Save And - (Preview).