An import file is a report of applicant information in a .csv format from your institution's Student Information System or IT department. The import file contains all necessary identification information, like user ID and email address, used to verify each applicant and allow them to successfully log in. The import file contains applicant information that is often used in qualifications to automatch applicants to opportunities. The import file contains import fields like Cumulative GPA, Major, Academic Standing, Hours Enrolled, Unmet Need, Classification; i.e. information that is not answered by the applicant on the General Application and comes in a standardized format from the institution. 

Example of an import file:

Any updates or changes to the import file must come from the institution, IT department, and relevant system administrators.

The email address is not case sensitive. Therefore if an email address on the import file is, and there is an existing user account in the system of, they will be matched. The email address will appear in the user's account in the system as all lower case characters.

The UID (user ID) is case sensitive. Therefore if an UID on the import file is ABCDefgh1234, and there is an existing user account in the system of abchefgh1234, they will not be matched, and a duplicate account may be created. 

Other import data fields are case sensitive, and therefore qualifications may be affected if values that are listed in the import file do not match answer choices/qualifications as entered in the system.