What should I use Letters for?

Letters allow you to build and distribute mass newsletters/formatted email using Seraphim's servers. While Seraphim doesn't attempt to replace Mail Chimp or Constant Contact, we do provide you with an internal solution to design professional-looking mailings that can go out to thousands of recipients.

How To Build Your Letter/Mailing

There are two steps to consider when designing a Letter.

1. Build the Letter. 

Click on the Letters tile and select the "New Letter" button. This will bring up a page for designing your Letter. You can build your Letter from scratch within Seraphim, or you can import existing HTML from previous letters you've built in other programs.  

2. Build the Mailing.

After you've finished your Letter, you will need to set up the Mailing. Click on the "New Mailing" button to bring in the Mailing page. From here, you can name the Mailing, plug in the correct Letter to send, schedule when the letter goes out, and select who the recipients should be.