If you find that there are missing Requests/Payments in your Financial Reports, we advise checking the following data on the records:

1. Is your Search built correctly?
- Due to the nature of the searches one can build for these reports, it is possible that there is a restriction in the search that may be filtering out your records. If you are filtering out Scheduled or Contingent Payments and only displaying Paid Payments, this may remove records from a financial report that otherwise would appear listed.

2. What have you set as the As Of date?
- The As Of date on Financial Reports runs the report as though it were run on the day in question. Therefore, as an example, if a report displays only Contingent Payments by date and you are searching for the whole of 2018 but your As Of date is set to 7/1/2018, then no records set as Contingent after 7/1/2018 will appear afterward.

3. What are the Scheduled/Paid/Request dates on the records that do not appear?
- If the Request date on the Request or the Scheduled/Paid date on the Payment fall outside of the date range in the report or in the As Of, then the record will not appear listed; we advise reviewing this information carefully as it does affect these reports.