How to see user logs in eTapestry?

There may be times when you would like to run a user audit (or check the "user logs") to see more details re: when users last logged into the database, how long they were logged in for, or basic stats re: number of accounts or journal entries created or modified during a recent user session. When you'd like to see this type of information, we recommend running the standard User Activity report (which is listed under the Admin header when you click on the Management tab)!
Here's how you can run this standard report to view these user logs:

1. Click Management
2. Click User Activity
3. Select a Query - (ex: Category: Base, Query: All Users-A)
4. Click Submit.

*Note: This report can only show user activity for the past 30 days. As a standard (or "canned") report, it cannot be extended or modified in any way.

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