This can occur when the Constituent Name Format option in Records > Individuals is set to Constituent ID, and the user in question is part of a security group that has their Security by Constituency Privilege set to Allow access to only selected constituent codes. This error will be received, if they attempt to open the actions tab or save a constituent record that meets any of the following criteria
  1. The Constituent has a Constituent Code that the user does not have View/Edit rights to
  2. The Constituent has an Action assigned to a Solicitor that has a Constituent Code the user does not have View/Edit rights
To resolve we will want to do the following
  1. Log into RE
  2. Click Tools>User Options
  3. Click the Records tab
  4. Select Individual
  5. Select 'First Name, Last Name' or 'Last Name, First Name' from the Constituent name format drop-down
  6. Click Apply
  7. Click OK
Constituent name format