An Administrator can redistribute incomplete or unstarted review assignments from one reviewer to another. The process to redistribute the reviews will be based on the reviewer group setting "Assign Reviews:" Manually, OR Automatically assigned, OR Automatically assigned every application to every reviewer.
For Manually Assigned Reviews:
If your reviewer group is manually assigning applications to reviewers, administrators may manually deselect applications to redistribute reviews from one member to another within the same group.
  1. Go to the opportunity (or applications) under review.
  2. Select the Reviews tab.
  3. Locate the reviewer for whom you will be removing and click Assignments. 
  4. The next page displays a list of applications currently assigned to the reviewer as well as those available for new assignment. Unmark the box for any applications you would like to unassign from the reviewer.
    • Note: If a checkbox cannot be unchecked, it is because the reviewer has already submitted their review of the application. Administrators may return the review to a Drafted status, which will then allow the review to be unassigned.
  5. Click Assign Selected.
  6. Select the Reviews tab.
  7. Locate the reviewer to whom you will be re-assigning these applications and click Assignments.
  8. Mark the box for any applications you would like to assign to this reviewer.
  9. Click Assign Selected.
Tip:  If you would like to see an overall list of which reviewers are reviewing which applications, go to the All Reviews tab on any application or opportunity that is being reviewed in order to see a list of each application and who is reviewing it. You can easily sort this grid by either applicant name or reviewer name in order to find the information that would be the most helpful.

For Automatically Assigned Reviews:
If your reviewer group automatically assigns applications to reviewers, administrators may use the Locked? tool to redistribute reviews from one member to another within the same group. Using the Locked? tool for any reviewer in the group will:
  • Remove any unsubmitted reviews (including Saved reviews) from the locked reviewer and assign those reviews to other members of the same group. (The system will distribute this work evenly across the remaining reviewers.) Any reviews already submitted by the reviewer will remain with them.
  • Prevent any new applications from being assigned to the locked reviewer.
locked tool
To use the Locked? tool:
  • On the Reviewers tab of the reviewer group, mark the box of the reviewer you wish to lock.
For Automatically Assigned Reviews/Assign All Applications to All Reviewers:
If you have selected to assign all applications to all reviewers, the Locked? tool will be unavailable in your reviewer group. This is because all reviewers already see all applications, so redistributing reviews would mean you are asking another reviewer to read and score the same applications twice. To redistribute assigned reviews:
  • Add a new reviewer to the existing group who can review all applications; OR
  • Change your reviewer group to Manually assign applications and then manually redistribute the applications as outlined above.