Our recommended browser is Internet Explorer 11 for Windows.

We previously recommended using Safari or Firefox on Macs. However, in 2018, Safari and Firefox both released a series of updates that phased out support for Silverlight, a plugin which is required in order to run many enterprise applications such as Blackbaud Grantmaking Classic view.

If you need to access Blackbaud Grantmaking from a Mac computer, we recommend that you consult with your IT administrator about the best way to access from a browser with Silverlight enabled. The last versions of these browsers on Mac OS that supported Silverlight are Safari 11 and Firefox ESR 52. While it is generally not recommended to use older versions of browsers for general browsing, your organization may choose to access Grantmaking through one specifically to maintain support for Macs. You may also be able to explore accessing Blackbaud Grantmaking through Windows from your Macbook, i.e. using software like Parallels, or through a Windows Virtual Machine. Because these solutions are dependent on your organization's IT infrastructure, our support team cannot provide complete steps for implementing them, and we recommend discussing this with your IT administrator to understand your options.

We know these changes in Firefox and Safari are frustrating. While they have been planned and announced a long time ago, the timing and way they were rolled it came as a surprise to many in the market. However, it only highlights the importance of our commitment to delivering Blackbaud Grantmaking SKY View. Blackbaud Grantmaking SKY View is a new window into your Grantmaking data, built using Blackbaud SKY technologies, which does not rely on the Silverlight plugin. With SKY View, your grants data will be available on any device, from any browser. There's still work to do before all of your users find everything they need in SKY View, but we want to help you get started right away. Your account administrator will receive an email from us as soon as possible with an invitation to try Blackbaud Grantmaking SKY View, and instructions for how to share that access with the rest of your staff whenever they deem appropriate. You can learn more from our September Town Hall webinar, which is recorded here.