Who can make updates?
Message Templates for communications sent out by the system may only be updated by a System Administrator. Offer and Post-Acceptance communications may be updated at the opportunity level by enabled client-defined Administrators.

How do I update offer emails, offer details, and offer banner messages in Message Templates?
If you are a System Administrator, you may make changes to any system communication at Site>Communications>Message Templates.


This area lists all of the system-generated emails and banner messages with customizable templates. The Award Offer Notification email and banner messages shown in this list allow you to update the text for those communications across the site. When you make updates to any communications at this level, they persist site-wide in most cases. 



By clicking the name of the communication template, you are able to customize email subject lines and bodies, as well as banner messages. You may also adjust the deliverability of messages and insert additional merge fields. 

  • Delivery Settings: Offer emails are automatically triggered when an administrator moves an applicant to the system default status of "Offered." The email can also immediately be sent if the "Deliver When" option of Immediately is used. Administrators can instead hold Offer emails from being sent to applicants immediately by using the "Deliver When" option of Upon Approval.


How do I update Opportunity-Specific Communications?:
Offer Letters, Emails, and Banner Messages for a Single Opportunity

Enabled client-defined Administrators may also make adjustments to opportunity-specific offer communications on any given opportunity using the "Communications" tab within the opportunity itself.  

In-System Offer Details - Offer Details is an in-system message displayed to applicants who are offered an award through the system. It is accessed by applicants with an application at the Offered or Accepted categories. Applicants are asked to "Accept" or "Decline" the details of their award offer, in order to move themselves into the Accepted or Declined category. 

Administrators may also choose to continue showing these details even after the applicant accepts or declines the offer. You might include reminders about follow-up requirements or contact information for questions. 


Offer Email - This is the format of the email message that will be sent to applicants upon receiving an award offer. 

Offer Banner - This is a brief message that will appear at the top of the applicant's portal the next time they log into the system.

Offer Reminder Email - This is the format of the email message that can be send out to applicants who fail to take action on an award offer.

Note: Please keep in mind that when you update Offer emails or flash messages at the opportunity level, that action detaches the message from site-wide templates. This means any changes made to the site-wide Offer email or Offer flash template will no longer be reflected for this opportunity's Offer communications. 

Re-associating Offer Emails and Banner Messages with System Templates
If an enabled client-defined Administrator has customized an Offer email or banner message for an opportunity and there is a need to return the communications back to the system template set by System Administrators, this can be performed within the opportunity. 

1. Locate the Opportunity, and select the Communications tab.

2. Select the tab of the customized communication.

3. At the bottom of the screen, click Revert to System Default.

When the page refreshes, the contents of the communication will update to the designated system template and the communication will be re-associated with the template. (This means any future updates made to the system template will also be reflected on this opportunity's communication automatically.)