How do I freeze imported data on opportunities prior to cycle management?

1. Set a Day for Imported Data to Freeze
Prior to the End Date for your opportunities, a System Administrator or IT Administrator should set the Answer Import Offset. 
  • Select Site > Settings > User Imports 
  • Scroll to the User Import Settings section
  • Type in the number of days after the opportunities' End Dates on which imported application data should freeze:

Blank - Leaving this item blank means that imported application data will freeze normally when cycle management occurs.

0 - Setting the User Import Offset to zero means that imported application data will freeze when the opportunities' End Dates arrive.

1+ - Setting the User Import Offset to one or greater means that the AcademicWorks system will wait one (or more) days after the opportunities' End Dates before freezing imported application data. 

Note: The system interprets a new day as beginning on 12:00 AM in your time zone. Your system has been set to the time zone where your institution or organization is located.

What Happens to the Data? 

The User Import Offset freezes imported data seen on:

  • Automatch & Apply-to opportunities
  • Post-Acceptance applications
  • Renewal applications (if enabled in your system)

This setting will not freeze imported data that may appear on:

  • General Applications
  • Conditional Applications (if enabled in your system)

Data on these two types of applications is continuously updated until the applications are archived with cycle management.