Your System's Default Public Opportunity Directory
All new portfolios created in your system will maintain a year-round listing on your main page, providing you with a public directory of your opportunities. With this default setting:
  • Visitors to your system will be able to search through your opportunities and read their descriptions, deadlines, and visible award information without signing in or creating a new account.
  • This listing will always reflect the most current opportunity information. That is, the displayed information will be from either:
    • (a) the currently Published active opportunity
    • (b) if no opportunity is Published, the next upcoming opportunity with a set future Start Date
    • (c) if no future opportunity has a set Start Date (left blank), then information from the most recent Ended or Archived opportunity will be displayed
    • (d) if there are no past Ended or Archived opportunities and all future opportunities have no set Start Date (left blank) no listing for the portfolio will be included on your main page.


Adjusting or Turning Off the Visible Listings for Opportunities

If you prefer not to maintain a year-round public listing for any particular opportunity in your system, any System Administrator or the Opportunity Administrator within the same Scope may adjust or turn off this setting at any time. This feature is controlled by the Visibility setting found on every portfolio's Details tab. To update this setting:

  • Select Opportunity>Portfolios>All
  • Locate the Portfolio you would like to update. Click Portfolio Details.
  • When the portfolio's Details page opens, use the Visibility section to determine whether a listing should be:
    • Always Visible - A listing will always be available, even if all opportunities for the portfolio have been archived.
    • Visible When Open - A listing will only be available if an opportunity is currently Published and accepting applications.
    • Always HiddenA listing for the portfolio will never be available, even if the opportunity is currently Published and accepting applications.
  • Click Update Portfolio when finished.