Where do I access Applicant Centric Awarding?
Award Mode for applicant-centric awarding is available from nearly every grid in the system, but you can also locate the dedicated applicant-centric awarding grid by selecting Opportunity>Applicants.

The applicant grid contains every applicant that has ever been in the system, along with their imported data. However, we have also included a column in the Applicants grid titled “Active” which allows you to filter out older applicants from previous cycles. This grid is visible for all system administrators as well as administrators with a client-defined role that has "Act" or "View" permissions for apply-to, auto-match, and external opportunities in the role settings, regardless of their scope. Administrators will, however, be limited to see only applications within their scope once they drill in to an applicant.


Using Saved Grid Views for Applicant Centric Awarding
The administrator may sort the grid in order to locate the specific applicants that they would like to consider for awards, and save the newly sorted grid.

Once the grid has been saved, click the "Award Mode" button at the top right in order to view the opportunity information for each applicant on the newly saved grid, starting with the applicant at the top of the grid and maintaining that order as you move through each applicant's screen. Be sure that the grid view you would like to work with is being displayed at the top of the grid.

Once on the applicant's page, a list of current applications will be displayed for the applicant on the left side of the screen. Each opportunity will display the following, including a message if the opportunity has exceeded the original designated amount:

  • Name of the opportunity
  • Type of opportunity
  • Total number of qualified applicants
  • Qualification points for this applicant
  • Award amount range (if any)
  • Current category of the application

Information on the right side of the screen contains imported information that is configured to display for the applicant, and a link to the general application, and conditional application if applicable, and Encumbered Funds for the applicant.  

You can preview the opportunity details by hovering over the information icon for each of the opportunities displayed.

Click on any of the opportunities expand the opportunity information see additional information about the opportunity, including the following:

  • A link to the opportunity
  • A link to the applicant's application for the selected opportunity
  • Opportunity award information
  • Opportunity fund information
  • Additional information about qualifications
  • Scopes that the opportunity is in

Click on the opportunity again to collapse this expanded view.

It is also possible to filter the applications that are being displayed for the applicant in order to view only those applications that you would like to work with. To locate the filters that are available, click on Show Filters, and choose any filters that you would like to apply to the opportunities being displayed on the page.

Viewing Archived Information for the Applicant
By clicking on "current" under the applicant's name, you are also able to see applicant information from any archived opportunities as well. Although you are not able to make any changes to the archived information, it may provide you with information needed to make awards in the current cycle. When you click on the period you would like to see, a new tab will open in your browser to display the information. No changes can be made to the archived information. Close the tab when you are done viewing the archived applications.

Adding Imported Fields to the Applicant Information

  • To configure imported information to display on the Applicant Centric Awarding page, select Site>Settings>User Imports.  
  • Scroll down the page until you locate the Applicant Centric Awarding section. Here you will find drop down menus that will allow you to select which imported fields to display on the applicant centric awarding page. Fields will display in the order that they are selected.


Categorizing (Awarding) Applicants Through Applicant Centric Awarding
Each of the applications displayed can be categorized right on this page. Once you have determined the category in which to place the application, click on the category box and select the category that you would like to move the application to.

  • If you are moving the application into an encumbering category, you will also assign the award period and the amount of the award from the same area.

  • Once finished making any updates on the applicant's page, click Update Application.