Where are the bulk actions grids?
Select Opportunity>Portfolios>Bulk Actions.


Changing Application Categories in Bulk
To re-categorize applications en masse:

  • Inside the grid, mark the rows of up to 50 applications. 
  • Select Act on Selected>Categorize.

  • In the pop-up window, select the new category for the applications. If this is an encumbering category, administrators may designate an amount of encumbered funds as well as an award period tag.
  • Click Categorize.

Tip: If you would like to re-categorize more than 50 applications at a time, click the "Also categorize..." setting on this page. 

NOTE: If you are mass categorizing applicants from one Encumbered Funds category to another (ie. Offered to Accepted) - do NOT use the Update Amount field or the Award Period fields. The system will keep the same Award Amount and Award Period that was chosen when they were originally Offered and it will pull through to the new category.

  • Once the window is dismissed, a message will confirm the action.

NOTE: Because the bulk update of application creates a significant amount of changes throughout your system, it may take several minutes before updates are visible on all applications. The appearance of the confirmation message ensures that your update is being processed successfully.


What Happens if I  Exceed Minimum and Maximum Award Amounts?
The system allows administrators to designate a Minimum Award Amount and a Maximum Award Amount on an opportunity's Details tab.


If an administrator attempts to encumber funds below a Minimum Award Amount or above a Maximum Award Amount for a given application, this update will not be processed successfully

If an update cannot be processed due to an unacceptable amount of encumbered funds, and email notification will be sent to the administrator. This email will contain information on which applications could not be updated and why the action was invalid.