Customer Support can assist with your Cycle Management, and help guide you through the process to prepare for your next cycle. Contact Customer Support at least 3-4 weeks prior to when you would like your new cycle to open in order to begin the cycle management process:
  • The first step in the process is to schedule a health assessment phone call. Provide a range of available dates and times (including morning and afternoon slots) that you are available during the subsequent two-week period. 
For example, if you want to open your cycle October 1st then reach out to Customer Support mid-August to schedule the call for the first few weeks of September.
  • Review the following article and video prior to the phone call: Cycle Management: Cloning and Archiving Opportunities (includes video)
  • During the health assessment phone call referenced above, Customer Support will review an Initial Assessment on your system, including System Utilization and the Health Assessment. Customer Support will discuss changes you want implemented for the next cycle.
  • After the phone call, Customer Support will send you the Cycle Management Checklist for you to complete and return back. This checklist will guide you through which Opportunities need to be archived and cloned, along with archiving of your General Application/Conditional Application(s). Please note that this will be customized to your system and needs.  
NOTE: Your organization should be finished working with your Opportunities and applications BEFORE CYCLE MANAGEMENT. This includes any offering or awarding that still needs to be completed and collection of post-acceptance documentation. If there is still awarding that needs to be completed, ensure that you have noted this during your health assessment phone call.