All attributes are appended at the household level and are determined using predictive modeling. Variables utilized include both directly measured data at the household level, as well as appended financial, behavioral, demographic and econometric data on the household and zip+4 basis.
Attribute NameAttribute TypeAttribute Description
Philanthropic Scorescore (0-1000)Predict households likely of being philanthropic (gift of any size)
Sustainer Scorescore (0-1000)Predict households likely to participate in a sustainer giving program
Phone Scorescore (0-1000)Predict households likely to participate/respond in a Phone campaign
Online Scorescore (0-1000)Predict households likely to giving online
Direct Mail Scorescore (0-1000)Predict households likely to participate in a direct mail campaign
Donor PersonasegmentationDemographic and Philanthropic Segmentation tool​
Direct Marketing Gift Arraycurrency array (low/mid/high)Suggests a low, mid, and high ask amount