What is the policy?
From the last day you have contractual access to your data in the Omnipoint hosted environment, it will be retained on Omnipoint severs for a 30-day period. After this 30-day period, Blackbaud will no longer maintain or provide access to any of your Omnipoint data. All copies of Omnipoint data will be deleted from applicable servers or systems unless contractually or legally prohibited. However, a backup of your Omnipoint data will be held on media in a third-party secure location for up to 16 weeks after your contract expiration. Your Omnipoint data can be retrieved and restored for a fee during that 16 week period, after which it will be destroyed and become fully unrecoverable.

Why do we have such a policy?
Retaining data for an indefinite amount of time presents risk to both you and your constituents. Blackbaud follows industry best practices and takes the security of your data very seriously. The best way to ensure it cannot be compromised is to destroy it when it is no longer in use.

What does this mean to you?
If you need access to your Omnipoint data after your Omnipoint contract has expired and 30 days have passed (data has been removed from servers), Blackbaud will have to restore your data from backup media and re-setup the database environment on our servers. Due to the work effort required during this recovery process, there is an additional fee. After approximately 16 weeks from contract expiration (30 days on server + 12 week rotation on backup media), Blackbaud will have completely destroyed all of your data from the Omnipoint servers and all backup media, and will no longer have any copies available for you. If needed, please work with your Blackbaud account team to determine the best way to retrieve your data and discuss any associated fees.