Administrators can create up to 8 of their own custom dashboard cards from any grid view in the system. This allows you to display information on your dashboard that you find the most useful to your work flow.  Once created, clicking on these cards will act as a shortcut to take you directly to the grid view. Unlike saved grid views which are shared, custom dashboard cards are your personal cards that you can add, delete, and rearrange.  Administrators can use this feature along with their custom log-on experience in order to gather the most pertinent data to them all on one page.

Upon logging in and visiting the dashboard for the first time, administrators will see a page with some brief instructions for creating a custom dashboard card.  These instructions will only display until they create their first custom dashboard card.  This article will also provide instructions on creating a custom dashboard card, but the instructions will reappear if all custom dashboard cards are hidden or deleted.

Instructions available on dashboard until a card has been created

A custom dashboard card can be created from any grid in the system.  Once you have filtered the grid you are working with to display the desired information, click on the "create a new dashboard card" icon to create the card. 

Screenshot of icon to click to create dashboard card from filtered grid view

You will then be prompted to assign a name to the new dashboard card that is being created.

Entering the name of the new dashboard card

Once you click create, a message will appear at the top of the screen indicating that the new card has been created.  Click the link to your dashboard to view the card.

Banner with link to newly created dashboard card

You can then use the card as a shortcut by clicking on it, and the system will take you to the grid you sorted when creating the custom dashboard card.  

Screenshot of dashboard with cards


Note: Unless you saved this grid when creating the custom dashboard card, this grid will not appear in the list of saved grid views.  
Tip: When grids that are attached to the dashboard cards are archived, the dashboard cards remain linked to the archived grids.  Upon archiving, users should build new dashboard cards for the new grids in order to see the most current information.