To create a Transitional Grade (or, mark an existing grade as "Transitional"):

  1. Start from your Core persona.
  2. Select Settings > School Information > School & Grade Levels.
  3. Expand your School Level (ex. Lower School).
  4. If you have an existing Grade Level you'd like to mark as Transitional, click the yellow pencil/Edit icon to the far right of the Grade Level > check the box to the left of "Considered a transitional grade" > click Save.

If you would like to get a brand new transitional grade level created, this will need to be done with the help of Support How do I contact Customer Support?

If you mark a grade as Transitional, during the promotion process (Core > Users/Access > Profile > Manage Student Enrollments), the students in the grade previous (the grade before the Transitional Grade) will be promoted to the next grade not Transitional, however the administrator will have the option to chooses the Transitional Grade in the drop down if necessary.