The Grade Book Setup can then be edited and Assignments added back into the Grade Book. Grades will not be lost from associated assignments, if the following steps are adhered to closely.

To change the Grade Book Setup, please do the following:

  1. Impersonate a Teacher and go to Classes.
  2. Click on a course to enter.
  3. Next, click on the Grade Book tab.
  4. Select under Date View Previous
  5. Click the edit Pencil for each Assignment
  6. In the Edit Assignment view, unmark the Add to Grade Book checkbox and click Save to temporarily remove the Assignment from the Grade Book.
  7. Repeat this process for ALL Assignments
  8. Change the Date View to Active and repeat the steps above to remove the Assignments from the Gradebook
  9. You may also need to repeat this process for Date View Future
  10. After all Assignments are removed, click Edit Setup in Grade Book.
  11. Within the Grade Book Setup, click the Edit button for each Calculation Method section and uncheck all Assignment Types, then click Apply to save changes (Note: if the Assignment Types are not able to be unchecked, go back through each term and remove any lingering Assignments).
  12. Click the Marking Period or Year button to change the Grade Book Setup.
  13. Choose the new Calculation Method and Assignment Types to be included.
  14. Click Apply to save the Assignment Types and then click Save & Close to save the changes to Grade Book Setup.
  15. Close the Grade Book window and click on the Assignment tab in the course.
  16. Choose Date Range and enter date from the beginning of the school year to the current date to pull all assignments into view.
  17. Click the Edit/pencil icon for each assignment and re-check the Add to Grade Book check box; don't forget to click Save for each assignment added back.
  18. After Assignments are added back to the Grade Book, they will appear in the same order per term with the students' grades and cumulative average.
Note: If you try to uncheck the Gradebook option for a turnitin assignment it says "Turnitin assignments must be displayed in the gradebook", then you will need to contact Support via How do I contact Blackbaud K-12 Support? and provide the following: Name of the Teacher(s), Course(s), and what it should be changed from and to. So for example. John Smith, English 1-C (5) , change from Marking Period to Year.