Prior to our enabling the Senior System Academic Integration you must review the following steps, especially if you have academic courses and departments in our database.

SS = Senior Systems  BB= Blackbaud

How does it work and what the integration will do?

  • It can be run by school level or all levels.
  • Students must be enrolled in their courses in SS (Registrar) for this integration to run.
  • If courses do not exist in BB, they will be created.
  • If sections do not exist in BB, they will be created.
    • New sections will include: block, section identifier and room.  These will NOT be updated once the section has been set.
    • The section identifier is the key to the enrollment import - if it is changed in BB - a new section will be created and existing section will NOT be updated.
  • Students will be enrolled in their courses.
  • A maximum of two teachers will be linked to their sections.
    • The 1st teacher in the integration will be made the head teacher. SS does not support Head Teacher nor a sort order for linking teachers to their section.  We recommend you adjust the head teacher after your final run.
  • Course description will be added only when inserting a new course.  The integration will NOT update existing courses for course descriptions.
  • Integration should be run when you have a large number of new enrollments or enrollment changes.  During the school year it should be run early morning or early evening when students and teachers are not likely to access their sections.

Please check the following prior to asking for the integration to be enabled

School Levels - must match by name

Terms Names

SS Term = Semester 1 and BB Term = 1st Semester. These must match or integration will fail
SS Term  = Year  &  BB Term = Year Long. This will work

Term lengths by level must match.

If 3 terms in SS then 3 terms in BB

Grade Levels

  • Grades by Level must match
  • Any grade prior to 1st Grade must match based on name.  All other grades will match based upon numeric values.
  • If the BB Grade's numeric value = 1, this translates to Grade 1 in SS
  • If the BB Grade's numeric value = 0, then the integration will match on the grade's NAME–not the numeric value so the grade must match. (BB=Kindergarten & SS=K is NOT a match–must change the grade's name in BB in order for the integration to find "K".)


  • must match by name


  • Course Code/ID and Course Title/Name are key to matching and creating courses. They must be unique or duplicate courses will be created and enrollments will fail.
  • Course Lengths must match
    • Course length is not a recognizable value in SS. It is derived during import by how many sections it spans.  So if the course's class spans two semesters, and the school is set up as two terms, ergo the course length = 2.
  • Course descriptions are not refreshed but populated with new courses are created

When you believe all information is properly set - contact Support and request the Academic Data integration be enabled.

Reports to run prior to running the integration:

  • Blackbaud - Course Parameters - use this report to review course codes and course lengths
  • Senior System run a report of Course Enrollments

Reports to run after running the integration


  • Course Enrollments - by Department (specific level & semester - all departments) This lists the enrollment counts, teachers and students
  • Course Sections - By School Year (specific level) This lists courses, section identifier, block and teacher & course length

Spot check course enrollments between the two application

Check the error log of errors.  Contact Support if you have questions or errors you do not understand.