CreatedThe job has been successfully created. The data file(s) passed Validation for column headers and were delivered to Blackbaud via FTP.
CancelledEither the school requested the Job be cancelled or the Job does not meet minimum processing requirements.
ApprovedThe Data Refresh has been begun and the BB Data Group transferred the files from FTP into the first phase of processing.
Failed HydrationThere were problems with importing the files from the FTP server into the staging data base. The BB Data Group will resolve this, and may contact you requesting that you email your data files to them.
In QueueThe data refresh files were successfully imported into the staging database and a BB Data Group team member is actively processing it.
On HoldDuring processing, an issue arose which requires resolution before proceeding. Typically, this means the Data Group team member may need direction from the school on how they would like to resolve this issue.
ProcessedThe Data Refresh was successfully processed. An email with processing report was emailed to the job creator.