Error Connection to server could not be made Server montoring port 60 may not be on. 10061 when Connecting to IGAM for FIMS

When attempting to log into IGAM, the error, "The Connection to server could not be made. Server montoring port [60] may not be on. [10061] Connection refused" occurs.
This is due to the one of the following:
  1. The IGAM Gateway was not open when logging in. This is most likely due to a slow network connection to the FIMS server.
This error generally occurs when the user logs into IGAM and does not wait for the IGAM/FIMS Gateway to open.   The IGAM/FIMS Gateway opens at the same time you select the IGAM/Grants Application Manager to log into IGAM, and adds an icon to your Windows Taskbar.   If you get this message, log into IGAM again, but wait for the Gateway to initiate and add the icon to your Taskbar before entering your Logon ID and Password.  

Note: If logging into IGAM again does not work, make sure you can log into FIMS.   If you are unable to log into FIMS, then contact your System Administrator. If you can log onto FIMS, but still get the error when logging into IGAM, try logging into IGAM on another machine.

     2. The workstation setup was originally run from a drive that does not contain FIMS. 
     3.  Windows firewall or a network firewall is blocking the port or the IGAM application from connecting to the FIMS server or database. Many firewalls have software that provides enhanced security that can prevent the IGAM client from communicating with the FIMS server. This can be determined by working with the firewall vendor or network engineer.

To resolve 1:
  1. Log into IGAM again, but wait for the Gateway to initiate
  2. Add the icon to your Taskbar before entering your Logon ID and Password
To resolve 2:
  1. Launch IGAM as admin_npo
  2. Go to Tools>Preferences NPO Settings
  3. The Start Up locations should be as follows, with the appropriate network drive chosen (usually N): NPO Utility Name and Path: n:\dlc\bin\prowin32.exe NPO Utility Startup Paramaters: -s 256 -inp 12288 -tok 2048 -p gam\gui\fimsgam.p -param "%server_port% %client_port%" -ini n:\found\configfiles\fims.ini -mmax 3628 NPO Utility Startup Directory: n:\found\fims
  4. Close IGAM - Go to the drive with Windows installed (usually C)>Windows>GIFTS.ini
  5. Change the DatabaseName for both Access and SQL Server to the network drive letter (usually N)




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