How do I reset a Donor's Password?

A donor has forgotten their password. A donor is not able to log into DonorCentral. Error: The account has had too many unsuccessful log in attempts since the last successful one. How can I reset their password?

To reset a user's password:  Log in to DonorCentral as a DonorCentral Administrator user

  1. Click Site Configuration, and then click on the Reset Password tab.  The Reset Password page appears.

  2. In the User ID field, enter the user’s DonorCentral User Name.

  3. In the New Password field, enter the new password for the user. This must contain at least eight characters, at least one number, at least one lowercase letter, at least one capital letter, and at least one special character.  You also cannot use any of that user's previous 8 passwords.

  4. In the Confirm Password field, enter the new password again.

  • The new password that you enter will only be temporary, upon using it, the donor will be asked to change the password and come up with their own.  They may not use any of their previous 8 passwords.

  1. Click Submit

  2. Upon successful change you will be brought to the DonorCentral Home page.


Additional Information:

  • Occasionally when you're entering a user ID into this utility to reset a password, you get a message that says, "not a valid user"  this means that DonorCentral does not have a record of that user.  It could be that their access was removed in FIMS (check this user's Fund Associations), the most recent upload from FIMS did not run successfully and should be re-run, or that you have simply misspelled the user ID.

  • Also note, that attempting to change the password in FIMS will not work.  There is an area on the Profile 2 tab, which shows the person's DonorCentral user ID and password, but that is merely the initial password that was used when their login was first created.  Once the account has been logged into, DonorCentral completely ignores that password field in FIMS.



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