Error **Unable to open file: (path and file name). Errno=13. (98)

I am getting this error. How do I fix it?
Either the file you're trying to create is already open or you don't have rights to write to that location.  
  • If the file is already open, close the file and try to export again.
  • Export to a test location, like the desktop. If the issue is resolved, try a new folder in the same location you were trying to export previously. 
  • Delete the existing .txt files that the export is overwriting and try the export again.
  • If the file is not open but you are still getting the error message, it is possible your system doesn't allow you to save to that location.   This may be the case if you have recently updated Windows.   Newer Windows versions may have the c drive locked.   Your IT can give you access or save to a different location.



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