How can I change a Grantee's Organization Name?

I would like to change a grantee's organization name, how can I do that?
To change the Grantee Organization Name Changes you can follow one of the suggestions below, unfortunately there is no way to mass update organization names in FIMS:
  • Change the name of the organization on the existing Profile. This keeps all Grant history together in one place and preserves the Organization ID Code. In a Notepad for the existing Profile (i.e. Notepad A), enter former name, new name, date changed, and your initials. Create a new Profile using the former name of the organization. This will only be in the database for information purposes. Put the word "Old" somewhere in the Report Name field. In one of the address fields enter "Changed to (put the new name here)". Mark it Inactive and uncheck the box for Allow Mail. (This should only be necessary if the name change is significant. If it's a minor change, this probably isn't necessary.)
  • Grantee Contact Names: If you are changing the name on a Profile record that is a Grantee, it is necessary to double-check the Contact Person's tab on the Grantee record. If there is only one Grantee Contact record referencing the same IDCode, it is not necessary to do anything on this tab because all the fields are read-only and showing you the name from the Profile 1 tab. However, if there are any Contact records that are not referring to the IDCode of the Profile, care should be taken to make sure that any Grantee Contact records are updated as needed, and that the correct person is tagged as the primary contact (which will default into any Application added).
  • If you want to make sure that organizations do not have similar names, you can generate a report to get all of the profile ID's of anyone with that specific org name in question. You can also create a data grid in the profile module that filters by organization name.



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