How do I Fix an Accounts Payable Check Reconciliation that Doesn't Balance Due to a Missing Check Void?

My check reconciliation doesn't balance due to a missing void check.  How do I correct this?
If your AP Checking Account Reconciliation does not balance due to a missing Check Void, check the following items:
  1. Look in the General Ledger to see if you have any unposted journal entries.  Check all years.  If you find the entries for the current year, post them.  Entries dated in a prior year will need some analysis to determine if they are safe to post and whether the End of Year Process should be run again.
  2. On the Payment tab in AP, does the Check display as Voided?  If not, Void the Check and process the journal entries.  Double check to make sure you don't have two Void Transactions in the General Ledger (one made by FIMS and the other one a manual journal entry).
  3. On the Reconciliation tab, Transactions tab, are both the Check and the Check Void present and the Reconciled Date filled in for the current period?  If not, change the Reconcile Date to the current period for both the Check and the Void.
  4. If you find the check void in the GL, but missing in the transactions list, then add it and mark it reconciled along with the check.



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