Why do datagrids created on the Contact tab in Profiles ignore the selection tab?

When I add selection criteria like staff code selections or date ranges to the datagrid I want to use on the Contact tab, the system ignores it. How can I filter my records so I only see those records?
If you create a datagrid on the individual profile tab on the contact tab, the layout and the sorting tab criteria will be retained and used for the record display, but anything on the selection tab will be ignored. 

Records are already preselected to appear on the tab based on their idcode and additional selection logic is currently allowed.

In order to be able to select for example on a certain contact type you can do this if you create the datagrid in the regular contact window as opposed to the data grid on the contact tab of the profile record ( clip-board with a check mark icon in the upper right hand corner) and then have that datagrid sorted by idcode, you only need enter the idcode to find the records desired.

To do that, do the following:

1. Go to the profile module
2. On the top right corner of the profile module click on the symbol that looks like a clipboard with a checkmark in it
3. The contact window will open
4. Create the data grid there with selections and sorting as desired.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Find a profile with multiple contacts ( or create some)
2. Go to the Contact tab of the profile record and create a new data grid
3. Select on a specific contact type
4. Save the data grid and generate view
5. Note that you can see all of the contacts for the person regardless of the selection in the data grid.




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