To clear the lock flags:

1.  Click on Tools > System Utilities > Clear Process Lock Flags.
2.   Delete the name/login of the person said to be locking.

It will not hurt anything to delete the entire row associated with the process you are running.  For instance, if you are having issues posting from item entry in AP, find the idcode column value of AP and remove either the entire line (use the delete button) or remove the name(s) in the user list column. If uncertain which line to remove, you can remove all the fields in the list without ramifications.  The system will re-build the list as the edit reports are run.

Frequently this issue is caused when more than one person is in the module editing and/or posting records.  When you run an error-free edit report, you set a flag to yes for your username and the particular report or process. When the posting report is run, it checks to see that you have authority to run it and also whether you have run an error-free edit report. If someone ran an edit report after you did, their name replaces yours in the list and you are locked out of the post.  This is to insure that records being posted are the ones associated with the edit report just reviewed.

If you close FIMS  under certain circumstances, the flags aren't cleared and you have difficulty running the edit and post.  So, removing your name in the Clear Process Lock Tool should allow you the ability to rerun the edit and complete a post.