When adding gifts to records the Gift Date defaults to the current date. If needed, you can type a new date over the existing one.

Because of how The Raiser's Edge reporting works, the following general assumptions apply:
  1. The gift date would typically reflect the date your organization is going to credit the donor for the gift for their (donor) tax / receipt purposes. Common dates that can be used are the date that the donor made the gift, the date the gift was received by your organization, or the date you're entering the gift into your Raiser's Edge. It is important to be consistent across all gift entry with whch date is chosen**.
  2. The GL post date is the date of the gift recorded to your organization's finanical application, such as The Financial Edge or other accounting program. Common dates are to use the same date as the gift date, the date that the gift is added to the General Ledger, or the date your organization is going to deposit the funds, and would also typically reflect the period into which those funds are being booked for your revenue recording/tax reporting purposes**.

Additional Notes:
  • **It is important regardless of interpretation to be consistent across all gift entry with the Gift Date value used with respect to how Check Date, Date Received, Postmark Date, Date Entered and/or Date Booked are used for your organization, and how those values are related to Gift Date, Check Date, and GL Post Date in The Raiser's Edge. Please consult your accounting, bookkeeping, auditors, and/or other financial advisers for guidance on organization policies and appropriate tax laws/regulations that apply to charitable donations and reporting.
  • Gift date can be become particularly important at the end of a fiscal year or calendar year, for donations mailed into/received online by your organization.
  • Reports are based on the Gift Date or GL Post Date, depending on the report selection, not the Date Added or other gift record date fields.
  • For additional information, please refer to What is the difference between GL Post Date and Gift Date?