Run the Adjusted Gift Report to track donations that have been changed using the Adjustment process.

  1. Click Reports, Financial Reports
  2. Double-click 'Adjusted Gift Report' to create a new report
  3. Go through each tab and make the appropriate selections
  4. On the 'Format' tab, select 'Detail'
  5. In this section you can choose to 'Include General Ledger account numbers' and/or 'Include adjustment history'
  6. Click Print or Preview
Note:  A Gift record has to be posted to the General Ledger and then adjusted and posted in order for the report to recognize the original gift’s G/L distribution as your ‘Original Gift GL Distribution’ on the Adjusted Gift Report.

If you run the UnPost Gifts Utility on a group of Adjusted Gifts, the original the General Ledger distribution on adjusted gifts will not be recorded unless the adjustments are deleted, the gift is posted, the adjustment is re-added and then posted to the General Ledger.