1. From the main Query page, select File, Merge from the menu bar.
  2. Select the first saved query to merge in the Query 1 field.
  3. Select the second saved query to merge in the Query 2 field.
    Note: The queries must be the same query type.
  4. Select the appropriate merge options for the output results:
    • Select records included only in both queries: When you select this merge operator, the final query contains only data common to both queries. 
    • Select all records from Query 1 and all records from Query 2: With this merge operator, two queries combine to make one query. The merged query finds records that appear in either query or in both. Data appearing in both queries is listed only once in the merged query. 
    • Select all records included in Query 1 or Query 2, but not both: With this merge operator, query results contain only data unique to either query, but not in both. If a record exists in both, it is not included. 
    • Select records included in Query 1, but exclude records included in both queries: With this merge operator, the order of the queries is important because the output query contains only data unique to the first query. All data found in the second query or contained in both queries is excluded.
  5. Click Merge Now