1. In Payroll Processing, click Enter Time Worked
  2. Select File, New, New Time and Attendance Batch Wizard
    Note: You can have the Time and Attendance Batch Wizard screen appears by default only by selecting it in Tools, Options.
  3. Enter a Description,  Start and End Dates, and Notes for the batch. 
  4. On the Time Entry Options tab, in the Assigned Pay Types frame, mark Provide a row for each employee's assigned pay type(s) and make a selection from the drop-down list
    • Include the employee's default rates and hours
    • Include the employee's default rate only
    • Include the employee's default hours only
    • Do not include default rates or hours

    If one of the first three options are selected, they overwrite the default hours and/or rates with the hours and rates you select. The program adds a row in the batch for the pay type only if the employee does not already have the pay type assigned to his record.

  5. In the Exceptions frame, mark Add a row for these pay types for every employee in the batch using these hours and rates, to enter overtime pay, for example.
  6. In the grid, in the Pay Type column, select the Pay type
  7. Enter the amount of hours in the Hours/Units column.
  8. To enter additional pay types and hours, mark Provide [ ] additional blank row(s) per employee
  9. To exclude pay types you are not changing, in the Exceptions frame, mark Exclude these pay types from the batch. In the Pay Type column, select the pay types to exclude. You can exclude only pay types already assigned to the employees.
  10. To update attendance codes, On the Attendance Entry Options tab mark Provide a row for employee for these attendance codes and enter:
    • An attendance code
    • Start and end dates
    • Total hours
    • Select either Used or Credited
    • Any comments
  11. Mark Provide [ ] additional blank row(s) per employee to enter additional attendance codes
  12. Select the Filters tab and select any appropriate filters
  13. On the Employees tab, you cannot change the employee information, but you can sort and move the columns. To exclude any employees from the batch, unmark the Include? checkbox.
  14. Click Create Batch.
  15. To save the batch and return to the Time and Attendance page, click Save and Close.
  16. When ready, calculate payroll from the batch

Note: Time sheet information can also be imported. For more information, refer to How to import time sheets