There are numerous reasons why records may be missing from a Crystal Report. Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Ensure the Refresh Export checkbox is marked on the Custom Report.
  • If you are using Crystal XI:
    1. Verify you are connecting to the .mdb file through the Create New Connection > Database Files option, rather than through ODBC
    2. Verify that you are connected to the correct .mdb file (Database > Set Datasource Location)
    3. Verify the links are using Left Outer Join as the Join Type
  • Check the export output criteria. If the criteria is limiting the number of records being exported, remove the number. For example: "For each constituent, enter the number of gifts to export". Leave this value blank so that all gifts are exported.
  • Verify that the missing data is in the export file by changing the Export format to CSV and exporting the data. Open the file in Microsoft Excel (or similar program) to see if the record exists.
    • If the record is not in the Excel file:
      1. Open the Query module in your Blackbaud software.
      2. Open the query used for exporting the data file and check the query results.
      3. If the query is static, refresh the query.
      4. If the record does not appear in the query, change the query criteria to include the record and re-export the data file.
      5. Open the Export module in your Blackbaud software.
      6. Open the export used for exporting the data to Blackbaud Report Writer Database format.
      7. Check Export criteria/filters to see if this is causing the record(s) to be omitted (example: $0.00 gift amounts are being excluded and the missing record has a $0.00 gift amount). If the record is in the data file, continue with the steps below.
    • If the record exist in the Excel file but not in the .MDB file:
      1. Open the Export
      2. Select the Output tab
      3. Select a desired table
      4. Check the Criteria to ensure that there are no numbers entered in the Number of Records fields
      5. Export the database
  • Check the Select Expert in Crystal Report to see if it is excluding the record:
    1. Open the report in Crystal Reports and select Report > Select Expert
    2. If any criteria excludes the record, remove that criteria
    3. If unsure, remove all criteria and run the report.  If the record shows up, one or more of the Select Expert criteria is excluding the record.
  • Check to see if any sections are suppressed, hidden, or conditionally suppressed
    1. Go to Report > Section Expert (or Format > Section in Crystal 8.5)
    2. Highlight each section name on the left and look to see if the Hide or Suppress checkbox is marked
    3. If so, unmark it if that is the section missing data
    4. If not, look to see if the X+2 button next to Suppress (No Drill-Down) is red.  If it is, click the button.  Check the formula to make sure that is not the cause of the missing records.
  • Make sure the Suppress If Duplicated option is unmarked on the field that is not showing any value.  Sometimes when Conditional Suppression is used at the same time Suppress If Duplicated is marked, you don't get the results you are after.
  • Check the sort order of the report. It may not be sorted in an Alphabetical order and appears on another page of the report. Click the binoculars icon in the top toolbar and search for the missing record. To see which fields the report is sorting on, select Report > Sort Records from the menu bar. The field names show whether they are sorted in ascending or descending order.
  • The report may be displaying the Top N (N=number) records only. Go to Report > Group Sort Expert and change the Group Sort to ALL from Top N.
  • Check to see whether or not the field is displaying based on a formula:
    1. Right-click on the field that is missing data and select Edit Field Object.
    2. Check the formula and make sure that the missing data is supposed to display based on the formula criteria.
  • Make sure the report is grouped on a unique field. For example, if the report is grouped on Last Name and there is more than one Smith, you will only see the first one in the data file.
  • Make sure the field you are grouping on is the same value you are showing in the Group Header. Example of when data can be missing. Group is based on {CnAattrCat_1.CnAttrCat_1_Description} but the field being displayed in the Group Header is {CnPrAlAttrCat_1.CnPrAlAttrCat_1_Description}. Changing the group header to {CnPrAlAttrCat_1.CnPrAlAttrCat_1_Description} resolves missing data.
  • Go to File and unmark Save Data with Report.  Then go to Database > Verify Database and refresh the report.
  • Make sure the field that is missing information is not displaying in a Group Header or Footer or the Page Header or Footer. If it is, try moving it to the Details section to see if all the data displays.
  • Make sure the field linking is set up correctly. For example, if using ID to link fields, make sure that all links come from the ID field in the table, and that links don't point to that ID field. To check, go to Database, Visual Linking Expert and look at the links between tables.
  • If using sub reports, verify that they are linked to the main report using a unique identifier, such as ID or SortName. In the main report, right-click on the sub report and choose Change Sub report links. Select each sub report and verify the linking field, as well as the field that it is linking to. The best scenario links all sub reports using the same identifier field in the main report.
  • If you have recently re-exported the data and the table configuration is incorrect, clear the links and re-link all links. If this does not correct the problem, try the following steps.
    Note: The following instructions will remove all fields from the report. All fields will have to be placed back in the report and all groupings will have to be reset.
    1. Select Database > Remove from Report.
    2. Remove all tables from the Report.
    3. Click Done.
    4. Click Database > Add Database to report. 
    5. In the Data Explorer, select Database Files.
    6. Double-click Find Database File.
    7. Browse to the new export file and double-click the file.
    8. Add all of the tables to the report.
  • Make sure the missing data field is in the report.  You need to drag the field from the Field Explorer into the report somewhere in order to see the field value show up when previewing.
  • In Crystal, under File>Report Options, make sure that Select Distinct Records is not marked.
  • If the data missing is a group field value, check to see if your group is using Specified Order;  if it is, then remember that only those records matching the conditions set up in Specified Order will be shown in report.
  • Refresh the report (F5).
  • If the missing/blank field value is part of a Text Object, make sure that the value-that-should-be-showing is not placed on the same row inside of the Text Object as another field that can be blank.  Example: AddressLine1 should have data but AddressLine2 will be blank most of the time.  Existing Text Object is as follows:
    Change this to the following:
  • Check to make sure there are no condition in the Group Expert Sort (Report > Edit Selection Formula > Group)