Custom parts allow you to customize Blackbaud NetCommunity to meet your organization's unique needs. Custom parts are capable of all .NET Web user control tasks, such as displaying HTML-based content, forms, and information from other systems. Custom parts can be used to add new features to NetCommunity and are limited only by your imagination and publicly exposed programmable features of NetCommunity. Create Custom parts, and page elements, to integrate with other systems, or provide solutions that don't exist in the BBNC feature set.

You can use custom parts to capture custom transactions, process custom transactions, and access content from The Raiser's Edge not available through standard Blackbaud NetCommunity parts. You cannot use custom parts to modify existing Blackbaud NetCommunity features.

However, if you would like to get started creating your own Custom Parts, enable the Custom Parts gallery and consult Blackbaud Developer Network for code samples and documentation. Blackbaud can also develop a custom part to fit your needs as a billable service. Contact your account manager for more information.

NOTE: Blackbaud Support does not provide assistance creating or managing Custom Parts, nor are samples available for the creation of Custom Parts. Please refer to the resources noted above to get started with this feature.