If Blackbaud hosts your database, check the following to begin the troubleshooting process for Queues not running properly:
  1. Ensure that the queues are setup according to best practices
  2. Make sure the scheduled queue is not attempting to perform any of these following actions:
    • Print to a printer from The Raiser's Edge or The Financial Edge
    • Send as Mail from The Financial Edge
    • Export the results to local drive (the results must go to the Files Folder)
  3. Do not set Queues to run hourly, as this can cause an unnecessary load on the servers. Instead, set the Queue to run "On Demand".
  4. Reset the Queue Schedule using the following steps:
    1. Set all queues to "On Demand".
    2. Refresh the Queue Schedule Backlog:
      1. Open Configuration > Business Rules > Queue
      2. Note the current BEFORE and AFTER values, then change the day(s)
      3. Open the Queue Schedule by going to Admin > Queue > Show Scheduled Queue to ensure there are no queues listed.
      4. Return to Configuration > Business Rules > Queue and change the day(s) BEFORE and AFTER back to original value.
    3. Run validation and reconfigure the schedule accordingly.
  5. Test the Scheduled Queue:
    1. ​Right click on the queue and select "Schedule Queue..."
    2. Adjust the Queue start time to 5 minutes ahead of current time.
    3. Change the "Run As" user to the dedicated queue user account.
    4. Click "Schedule Queue"
    5. Open the "Queue Schedule" and wait for queue to process.
If the issue persists after the following troubleshooting steps Contact Support and reference this article with the following information:
  • Thorough description of the issue and the names of the specific scheduled queues (if not all scheduled queues) that do not complete successfully.
  • The specific or general date when the queue last completed successfully (if ever).

  • Blackbaud supports exporting the results from a scheduled queue in Blackbaud Hosting Services to the Files Folder. Printing and exporting directly to a local computer drive are not available for scheduled queues in Blackbaud Hosting Services. Those features require an active session through Citrix Receiver, and that is only possible when manually running On Demand queues. Emailing scheduled queues is not available in The Education Edge and The Financial Edge, but is available withThe Raiser's Edge scheduled queues.
  • Queue run times and scheduled times are based on the time zone where the environment exists.
    US - East is EDT
    Azure Canada is EDT
    Azure US is PDT
    Canada is PDT
    US - West is PDT