1. Make a backup copy of the version 8.5 reports (reports converted to XI cannot be converted back to 8.5)
  2. Open the 8.5 version Crystal Report file in The Crystal Report XI application
  3. Select Database > Database Expert
  4. Select the Links tab
  5. Click Clear Links to remove ALL the links between the tables (click YES if a warning popup displays).
  6. Click Auto-Arrange then Link to re-link the tables.
  7. The table joins will now default to an Inner join. Double click each link (black lines between the tables) and change each table join to the Left Outer Join type.
  8. Click OK on the Database Expert window to close it.
  9. Select Database > Verify Database. If there is any issue, a screen pops up that lists the first issue that needs to be corrected. Make the correction and verify the database again. If there is a second issue, a screen pops up to indicate the second issue. Correct it. Repeat this process until all database issues are corrected.
  10. Save the report (at this point the 8.5 version will be converted automatically to the XI version).
  11. If the report includes subreports, open each subreport and repeat steps 3 to 9 for each subreport.
  12. Save the report. 
For additional information, refer to Crystal Reports XI - What's New? from Business Objects and What version of Crystal Reports is compatible with Blackbaud software.

Note: If we created the custom report for you, contact Support and reference this article.  

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