1. Open the Crystal report in the Crystal Reports XI application
  2. Select Database > Set Datasource Location from the menu bar
  3. In the Replace with section of the screen, click "+" next to Create New Connection
  4. Click "+" next to Database Files
  5. Browse to the new export file (.MDB) and open it
  6. In the Replace with section, highlight the line with the file path and name of the MDB file and click the Update button
  7. Go to step #10 if you do not have subreports in your report
  8. In the Current Data Source section scroll down to find Subreports. If Subreports exist then select the line containing the file path and name of the MDB file
  9. Click the Update button
  10. Click Close
  11. Select Database > Verify Database from the menu bar
  12. Click Yes or OK to any prompts that appear
Note: For Crystal Reports version 8.5 please refer to: How to set the location of a new database in Crystal Reports version 8.5