Use the International page in Configuration to determine the format of a country's address block:  
  1. In Configuration, click International
  2. Click Add New or open an existing country
  3. Enter the Country Name, Abbreviation, and ISO Country as appropriate.  For guidelines on what to select, please visit the ISO Website.  
  4. Choose a currency, exchange rate, and symbol Note: We recommend allocating a unique currency type to each currency, e.g., Australian Dollars and US Dollars should not both be named Dollars. For current currency exchange rates, refer to Where to find up-to-date exchange rates for Currency Exchange.
  5. In the Display available fields for this country drop-down, select the appropriate country. Note: If the country is not listed in the drop-down list in step 3, select a country with a similar format and adjust the address block using the arrows and buttons at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Highlight the appropriate fields in the Available fields frame and click the right arrow button to select them.
    Note: If you insert the wrong field or need to remove a field from the address block, highlight the field and click the left arrow button.
  7. Under the Available fields frame are additional characters that may be needed to format the address:
    colon, comma, dash, period, forward slash, new line, and space
  8. In order for the formatted address block to take effect, enter the country in the Country field on the Bio 1 tab of the constituent.
  9. Click Save and Close

To ensure the proper format of the address, refer to the Universal Postal Union Web site which provides address processing information and sample addresses such as:

M. J. Arthur
1165 Rue McLean

For more information on address formatting, refer to

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