Blackbaud's PhoneFinder service screens a group of constituent records in your database against a group of national consumer databases. If an exact match is made, business or residential land line numbers are returned. Sometimes the service will return a cell phone number if that number has been registered as a ‘residential’ number.National Do Not Call Registry information is not added to the phone numbers. 

After the screening is complete, we send you a data file to append the business and/or residential phone numbers. Versions 7.50 to 7.71 will add the new phone numbers with a phone type of New, and version 7.80 and up will add a phone type of PhoneFinder. The existing phone numbers remain unchanged. The phone append process adds or appends the updated phone number(s) to the list of numbers for that constituent.  Afterwards, you must manually delete the phone numbers that are not needed or are out of date. You can also use this service to update the area codes.


Follow the instructions below to update your phone numbers using PhoneFinder:

  1. If you are using the Data Healh Center:
  2. Update to the latest version of The Raiser's Edge 
  3. Update to the latest version of the Data Health Center 
  4. Ensure the Data Health Center is able to communicate with Blackbaud 

    Once you have made sure your Raiser's Edge environment is up-to-date and Data Health Center is able to communicate with Blackbaud, move on to the two procedures below: